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The People's Parlor


Cari Schindler Design


Logo Design, Branding, Brand Guide, Web Design, Strategy, Marketing

The People’s Parlor is an exclusive club - minus the exclusivity. It functions as a traveling speakeasy, a secret party that teams up with other small businesses and entrepreneurs to bring them into the limelight all while providing an unforgettable night of dining and fun. Aaliyah began this ambitious start-up with big goals and a full-time job, leaving her limited time to bring her unique business dreams to fruition. As her designer, marketing strategist, and brand consultant, I provided her with not only the visual assets to begin hosting parties and making a profit, but the plan, tools, and support to carry out her business dreams long term.

“I have been saved from countless hours of confusion and overthinking and thanks to Cari’s ability to understand my business needs and her eagerness to enhance its potential through creative branding and strategic marketing. Cari created a comprehensive brand guide for my business, and I cannot express how invaluable it has been in my daily operations. What I really appreciate about Cari is her versatile portfolio of services. She takes the time to get to know her clients and develops a package that makes sense for their business needs, their technological comfort levels, and their budget. As a fellow small business owner - She gets it!”

- Aaliyah Al-Mahdi, Owner and Founder
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