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Right Hearted Weddings / Block Weddings & Events


Cari Schindler Design


Branding, Logo Design, Strategy, Brand Guide

When Candi first started her wedding planning business, she had a rough idea of who her clientele would be, but over the years, her business model had shifted. As a result, she had to reach a new audience and her old brand just wasn’t making that connection happen. She and I worked together to build her a new brand that would allow her to reach the right people with the right message. The process spanned from a new name all the way down to a brand new consultation booklet to help her book not only more clients, but the right clients.

Block Weddings & Events now had the brand, the messaging, the packages and the tools they needed to help their clients handle wedding planning with confidence. Building on that success, Candi was ready to break into the app design world. I was elated to help her launch a second successful business in the wedding planning industry.

Right Hearted Weddings combines the wedding planning expertise of Block Weddings with the functionality of a powerful pairing search platform. I consulted on the naming and brand strategy, and designed the logo, brand identity, brand guide, and contributed to the app design. With the brand guide in hand, Candi was able to confidently get her app to market, making countless decisions, while staying perfectly aligned to her audience and value proposition.

"I loved the logo that Cari created for my wedding planning business so much that when I started my second business, Right Hearted Weddings, I knew I had to work with her again! Cari takes the time to truly understand your vision, goals, business, and personality, and then creates the most beautiful and unique brand elements to bring it to life. I highly recommend hiring her!"

- Candi Block, Owner & Founder of Right Hearted Weddings and Block Weddings & Events
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