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Love Built & The Practice NW


Cari Schindler Design


Logo Design, Branding, Brand Guide

LoveBuilt exists to promote the economic stability, physical well-being, and relational health of families that include young children (prenatal to 5 years old) and parents who have experienced interpersonal violence.

LoveBuilt recognizes that healthy connection between babies and parents brings healing, wholeness, and a hopeful future for the child and the parent. They see a population of under-served individuals experiencing trauma and offer a pathway to a new future through dyadic infant and early childhood mental services, and eventually through a holistic network of other supportive services. LoveBuilt further serves this community by facilitating training for other professionals in the field.

The logo includes the letters LB and embodies the relational nature of the work they are doing. I provided the team at LoveBuilt a brand design guide and basic website training. This empowered them to move forward with the brand pieces they needed, ensuring their time would be well spent without going over a limited startup budget.

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