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Apatite Tableware


Cari Schindler Design


Branding, Logo Design, Strategy, Brand Guide

Apatite Tableware is a luxury chopstick company with the dual purpose of creating sustainable, long-lasting, thoughtfully crafted utensils and bringing communities together over omakase dining experiences and meaningful, food-focused events. Apatite Tableware is named for apatite stone - a stunning deep blue stone that is said to support learning, communication, focus, and balance.

I worked with the founder to define his target audience and discover what pulls them to Apatite. While the product itself was still in development, we launched a luxury brand with a logo, website, and brand guide so that when the chopsticks were ready to hit the market, everything else would fall into place.

“I’m really proud of the website, logo, and business card”

- Keven Guynn, Owner and Founder
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