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About Me


Designing brands for small businesses is what I love.

I provide branding and design services to entrepreneurs and small business owners. For years, I worked in design agencies, marketing firms, and in-house creative teams, observing the best methods and practices in the industry. I’ve distilled all of that experience down into a small but potent menu of services crafted especially for startups and small businesses.


As an entrepreneur myself, I get it. Small businesses give us the freedom to imagine new futures and to design our lives around our aspirations, convictions, and unique offerings. We can steward enduring legacies or foster new futures. We are building communities, shaping culture, and carving out our own space in the world. And to accomplish this, we invest our time, money, hearts and souls into our small businesses.


I’m lucky enough to work with some of the most creative, talented, hardworking, passionate, philanthropic, energized people I’ve ever met. I’ve helped dozens of owners, founders, and operators set and achieve goals through strategic planning, cohesive branding, and bespoke design solutions.

My other loves...

I work from my 101-year-old home in South Tacoma, with my husband, Eric, our sons, Arlo and Ezra, and our two cats, Maybe and Quasi. Some of my other loves include gardening, cooking, houseplants, architecture, thrift shops, and camping.

Some fun extras:

Spaceworks Tacoma - Coach & Resource Provider

Wayzgoose Tacoma - Volunteer & Contributing Artist

Speed Date Your Business - Organizer & Host

Tispr - Featured Designer

The Creative Unconscious - Featured Designer

National Arts Program Awards - 2011 Winner

IDEA School of Industrial Design, Engineering, & Art - Substitute Teacher, UI/UX Design

The Quickie Podcast - Guest Designer

Mom Com WorldWide - Comedian

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