Hi, I'm Cari.

I’m a graphic designer based in Tacoma, Washington, USA. I specialize in creating, developing, and deploying cohesive visual themes for brands. This often (but not always!) starts with logo design, and can include a broad spectrum of design services.


I've worked in design agencies, marketing firms, in-house creative teams, and as an independent contractor, curating the best methods and practices from each design approach to ensure the highest level of success for your project.


My clients come from businesses and organizations of all industries, types and sizes, from established international corporations to hot 'n' fresh start-ups to cozy mom & pop shops. I haven’t yet seen it all, but I’d like to.


I’m also available to subcontract for other agencies and creatives. I’m always up for a good collaboration. I'm a consultant, freelancer, side-hustler, and passion-project fiend. If you have a brand, want a brand, or help your own clients with their brands, chances are we can find a way to work together.

Behind the scenes


When I’m not haunting coffee shops or co-working spaces, I work from my century-old apartment in the heart of Tacoma with my husband, Eric, our son, Arlo, a cat named Maybe and a considerable collection of houseplants. Some of my other loves include food, architecture, thrifting, and camping.




Spaceworks Tacoma - Coach & Resource Provider

Wayzgoose Tacoma - Volunteer & Contributing Artist

Speed Date Your Business - Organizer

Tispr - Featured Artist

The Creative Unconscious - Featured Artist

National Arts Program Awards - 2011 Winner

IDEA School of Industrial Design, Engineering, & Art - Substitute Teacher, UI/UX Design

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