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Small businesses
powerful brands.


I help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses reach their goals by providing insightful brand consulting and holistic brand design services.

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If you’re an entrepreneur, owner-operator, or side-hustler, you know a small business is so much more than a job. We put our time, money, heart and soul into it because we believe in the work that we’re doing. I believe you deserve a brand that is true to your vision, beautifully cohesive, and pulls your unique audience into your brand story.

Cari takes the time to truly understand your vision, goals, business, and personality, and then creates the most beautiful and unique brand elements to bring it to life.

candi block, founder and owner-operator
Block weddings & Events, Right Hearted Weddings

It is my great joy and privilege to help small businesses succeed. Whether you’re looking for business-planning advice, re-aligning your brand visuals, a logo, a website, product packaging or marketing materials, I’m here to partner with you to craft your brand and reach your goals.

On Instagram: @carithedesigner

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